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Biounit is a friend and family member for your healthy life.

Business Field

Biounit Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of regenerative treatment of damaged tissue, removal of abnormal tissue, and advanced wound care management.

We are expanding our business to become a leading portfolio medical technology company.

Our core personnel have been working with biomaterials for more than 15 years at various institutions (government-funded research institutes, university research institutes, medical device companies, etc.)

We have many experiences in researching, developing and commercializing medical devices in the field of biomechanics.

Based on this, after establishing a core technology platform such as high frequency, ultrasound, and interventional medical devices during the pre-entrepreneurship period of about 3 years or more,

Biounit was founded in April 2019, and as a specialized CDMO company from the beginning of the business, we developed the company’s capabilities through ODM, OEM and JDM-type businesses. From 2023, we are also expanding overseas through the OBM(Original Brand Manufacturer) type of business.

Business area
∎ Abnormal tissue removal and surgical medical devices for sports medicine

∙ High frequency generator

∙ High-frequency electrodes and catheters for high-frequency transmission

∙ Catheters for drug delivery

∙ Bipolar electrodes for Erdoscopic Spine Surgery

∙ High-frequency electrode for vascular treatment

∙ Bipolar electrodes for otolaryngology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology

∙ Bipolar electrode for cancer tissue removal

∎ Healthcare medical devices for tissue regeneration and wound care

∙ Tissue regeneration system 

- Hard tissue (bone) treatment

- Soft tissue (ligament, cartilage) treatment

- Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

∙ Wound care system

- Wound cleaning, wound treatment, complex home care system, non-face-to-face treatment and management

- Prevention of bacterial overgrowth, removal of bacterial biofilm, control of inflammation

- Acceleration of angiogenesis and skin regeneration through vasodilation

- Effective treatment response to medical blind spots

∙ Transdermal drug delivery system

- Transdermal drug delivery

- Wound treatment, musculoskeletal system treatment

- A wearable device that is not limited by treatment space

- Smart patch & self-delivery patch system capable of timely and appropriate treatment

- Application of sustained-release drug/protein/cell delivery and tissue regeneration through injectable hydrogel

- Customized application of body organs/tissues through physical, mechanical, and chemical property control of hydrogel materials

- Application of injectable biodegradable hydrogel as tissue adhesive, wound treatment, and geothermal agent

∎ Interventional medical devices

∙ High frequency & ultrasound generation platform and tissue matching

∙ Micro catheter and electrode development and manufacturing technology

∙ Interventional medical devices in the fields of cardiovascular system, cerebrovascular system, peripheral vascular system, and non-vascular system

∙ Interventional medical devices in the field of neurocontrolled therapy

∙ Microvascular diagnostic catheter (IVUS)

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