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Biounit is a friend and family member for your healthy life.

We are your Framily

Biounit is your friend like 

family for your healthy life

Biounit Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and sells advanced medical devices using Biomedical Engineering technology. It is a company established to create high-tech convergence medical devices that can be shared not only in Korea but also abroad. We strive to continuously develop medical devices and improve medical technology for a healthy life.

The executives and employees of Biounit Co., Ltd. are innovative, safe and effective as a research and development centered company for various medical devices.

We are continuously investing in R&D with the goal of developing and supplying world-class products.

Biomedical engineering technology for regeneration and rehabilitation of normal tissue and effective removal of abnormal tissue We aim to contribute to improving the quality of human life by developing into a standard-leading company.

We aim to contribute to improving the quality of human life by developing leading standards such as biomedical engineering technology for the regeneration and rehabilitation of normal tissue and the effective removal of abnormal tissue.


For a healthy and happy life (BIO)

Completes the standard of biomedical technology (UNIT).



• Implementation of smart device for regeneration and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal tissue.

• Implementation of home/hospital care device possible to treat, prevent and manage wounds.

• Implementation of healthcare device for continuous, predictable and reliable care.



• Securing future-leading core technologies

• Securing customized device technology for patients and clinicians

 • Securing technology for developing cutting-edge convergence innovative medical devices


Core Value



prompt and systematic

bio design system


First-in-class, Best-in-class

First-in-class, best-in-class 

products and services



Respect and Trust Companion



Continuous innovation preparing for the future of medicine

Quality policy and quality goal

Biounit Co., Ltd. is committed to producing products and supplying services that can satisfy customer needs. 

Based on the accumulated technology, we do our best to produce the best products and provide after-sales service diligently

We will continue to strive to be reborn as a world-class medical device manufacturer that supports healthy life.

Quality policy

To complete the biomedical technology standard (UNIT) for a healthy and happy life (BIO)

provide products and services

First-In-Class, Best-In-Class 

Quality goal


Establishment of quality 

management system

- Revision of the system according to the situation of the company

- Clarification of responsibilities and authorities



inspection activities

- Securing inspection 

personnel and training

- Standardization of 

inspection methods

- Modernization of 

inspection methods


Strengthening innovative quality activities

- Establish systematic mass production 

system for new products

- Continuous improvement of mass 

production process

- Conducting communication meetings 

for each unit

- Productivity increase

Biounit Co., Ltd 

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